Monday, May 2, 2011

Discover | Getting my "stuff" together

"What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

So, why this post? For a long time I've been complaining that I don't have enough time or I'm too busy...I think I've run out of excuses. Its time to get my shit together (GMST)...find balance, stop sweating the small stuff and work towards goals that will make our lives so much simpler. I am so guilty of being lazy when I have too much time on my hands, and then running around crazy when I have a deadline. In the world of Covey, I’m spending way too much time in quadrant 1 (important and urgent) and quadrant 4 (not important and not urgent)…time to shift the priorities, and its all about planning. (Yeah, I'm a time management nutter and like to read about it, but not actually act on it...see point 5 below.) Some things are beyond my control...but I can be responsible for the things within my control.

I wear a tonne of hats in my daily life, the most important being wife and mother. In addition, I work full time (almost…6 hrs per day), I run a small business from home, and hold a few positions on scrapbooking design team. In between this, there's time with hubby and kids, after school activities, house stuff, and trying to find some “me” time for the things I like to do. Usually, the busier you are, the more time you can make or find. I have days where I sit on the lounge and watch tv…love that down time. I have other days where I’m incredibly busy and exhausted by the time I flop into bed.

So, what can I do to help me meet the objectives of GMST?
  1. Learn to say NO
    • I have to remind myself that its is okay to say no. I just have to trust my instincts when I'm asked to do something and have the confidence to decline.  I really don't need to take on more than I am capable of doing and cause myself even more angst.
  2. Figure out how I am wasting my time
    • Not that hard...its pretty bloody obvious.  If my washing needs folding, and I'm watching tv, why not combine the two activities. Simple.
    • Limit the amount of time I am "connected". We all suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out)occasionally...sometimes I should just suffer from AMO (actually missing out) and move on. lol. The world of facebook, twitter, forums and blogs will still be there tomorrow.
  3. Plan the time I do have available effectively
    • Diarise it, timetable it, make appointments with myself to for down time.
    • Don't make it so rigid that I can't deviate from the routine.
  4. Put my transition time to better use
    • Waiting for the kids while they're having 1/2 hr swimming lessons...great time to check my emails or surf the web...otherwise I'm just sitting on my arse.
    • Instead of bitching that I have loads of washing to do...put a load only takes 5 minutes to get that machine loaded and switched on. Better yet, put the timer on before work so that its done by the time I get home.
    • Talking at the kitchen bench? Wipe it down instead of standing there idle, or chop up some veges for future meals.
  5. Quit procrastinating
    • Try not to get overwhelmed by the big list of "things" that need to happen.
    • Remember how you eat an bite at a time.
    • Break down those really big shitty jobs into smaller tasks and prioritise them. Don't want to declutter the whole one drawer or cupboard at a time.
  6. Deal with paperwork, emails and phone messages
    • Instead of opening, reading and putting it away to deal with later...just handle it once!
    • Don't pile that paperwork up on the bench. File it, pass it on, act on it or bin it.
  7. Use the time management tools that are available to me
  8. Delegate
    • Stop making excuses that they are just kids. They can help too...even if its just making them responsible for their things, setting the table, or matching socks.
Seems simple enough...let's see how I go. I'm seriously interested in any tips or links you want to share about time management in the home and life in general.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”
- Reinhold Niebuhr

Thanks for popping by.
Cheers, Lis.


Wendy Smith said...

wow...very inspightful Lisa.

The solutions to your problems listed there are mostly the things I do anyways (like putting the timer on the washing amchine, folding while watching tv, getting the kids to help out etc)

I also have tried now to utilise 'ad breaks' by putting clothes away, cleaning the toilet, unpacking the dishwasher etc, and I try and get each task done before the show is fun too!

Shell Turner said...

Lis, you sound frustrated with yourself. Rememeber, one bite at a time. Us hard working mums all try so hard to balance our responsibilities. I hope you find the balance you need :)

PlanningQueen said...

Great post! I still find saying no hard at times. My biggest trick to get stuff done is to have little routines to follow. It means I don't have to think about what to do, Tues I know after the school run I do washing for example. i am free to ignore them at any time but theydo help me stay on track. Good luck!

Unknown said...

i need a timer on my washing machine

The Mummy Hat said...

When you figure it all out, please blog about it and let me know!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Learning the 'N-word'. Still a big problem of mine...

Belinda said...

Such a timely post ... i am at a similar crossroads. I know I just have to get in and 'do it' but I am a natural procrastinator and by putting things off I'm finding my stress levels rising.

I like your tips ... they're a good spring board. Here's to getting sorted!

Glow said...

I am a champion procrastinator - right now I should be cleaning the lounge room.
Great list, here's to getting your shit together :)

Mel said...

Sounds like some good advice.
I think we're all guilty of 'do too much' syndrome. It's so true that the more we do the more we seem to find time for. I might even try some of your tricks...I love the one about chopping vegies while you're standing around chatting!

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