Friday, April 29, 2011

Meme | The Royal Wedding!

Kellie over at Three Lil' Princesses is hosting a Royal Wedding meme and pyjama party in celebration of Wills and Kate tying the knot!  Want to play along?  All you need to do is post your own wedding story to your blog and link up to Kellie's post. Click on the image above to read everyone else's stories.

If you’d like to be part of the Royal Wedding meme, simply:
  • Grab the button located at Three Lil' Princesses, (created by me :-) ) to add to your blog post.
  • Link up your wedding story (old or new) or your story about preparing for your big day to Three Lil' Princesses with the linky tool at the end of Kellie's post.
  • Spread the comment love by commenting on at least three other wedding stories.
  • An optional step, but feel free to take part in our Royal Wedding Pyjama Party tonight. We’ll share some laughs, gossip about the wedding (of course) and chat about the wedding stories linked up.
I don't know about you...but I can't wait to see Wills and Kate get married!  I'll be attending the pyjama party with tiara firmly fixed in place...and as one of the go brush up on my royal speak.

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Lady Agnes Bozzie-Verdun

ps. To formulate your own royal title...take Lord or Lady, then the name of a grandparent, and add a double barrelled surname by combining the name of your first pet and your first street!  What did you end up with?

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Karen.C said...

Hi Lisa I thought I must have added you on Twitter,but then I realised it had come Via The Circle,love the name.

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