Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Meet my third drawer down...everyone has one right?!  The drawer that gets highly ignored and ends up filled with crap you don't really need.  Inspired by the Organised Housewife, I have been taking the "De-clutter 52 things" challenge. I think I could have decluttered 52 things from this one drawer alone! If I only did the 52, I wouldn't get very far at all.  The 52 relates to categories or spaces, not individual items alone.

Today, it was the third drawer's time to get the decluttering treatment.  Step one, open the drawer and recoil in horror!  Step two, empty the contents onto the bench...I didn't realise my drawer was bottomless! The stuff falling out of it kept coming and coming!!  Step three, rope hubby and child into helping me decide what to keep and what to toss.  Step four, wash out drawer and dividers...yes, there were dividers under all of that crap!

The stuff I discovered was amazing! Who knew that I had six pairs of tongs, two potato mashers, multiple serving spoons, four sets of measuring spoons...the list goes on!  Since I've started baking, I've been scouring the shops to find a zester, and have been using a mini grater in the interim.  Guess what? I found a zester in the drawer! lol.

We have lived in this house for 10 years next week, and obviously as we couldn't find stuff, we'd just buy another one.  Not any more. As you can see, the drawer is gorgeously organised!

I've culled it down to two pairs of tongs, two measuring spoon sets (for wet and dry ingredients), one potato masher, etc.  The realisation that we don't need ALL of this stuff has been life changing.  Attacking it one drawer at a time has made it easy and only takes a few minutes out of my day.  Its all about small, continuous steps...quality management principles in the home.

On Sunday I decluttered my baking drawer, disposing of anything that was crappy silicone or metal baking dishes...only my Chef's Toolbox silicone from now on. I don't need the rest...ahhhh, life changing! (nb. I am not a Chef's Toolbox demonstrator...I just love the stuff!)

Feeling inspired?  Tackle that third drawer down today. You know you'll feel better.

Cheers, Lis.


Leanne said...

LOL!! Lisa!! I am feeling inspired! hee hee! Just don't know if I'm brave enough to share the messy contents of my third draw!

Wendy Smith said...

ROFL....can I just ask...why do you need 4 sets of measuring spoons??????????????

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