Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday | Tunes

Playing on my ipod at the moment...

Katy Perry - Firework
The first time I heard this one, I thought Katy Perry was scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, but its grown on me! Its actually a really uplifting and inspiring song. hmmm...

Guy Sebastian - Who's That Girl?
The 'fro is looking hot! What happened to the dude who won Australian Idol?!  Amazing what a few tatts, a haircut and a great song can do for a career. Love it.

Taylor Swift - Back to December
She's so saccrine sweet, so glad my baby girl loves listening to Taylor Swift. Everytime this one comes on, Eme sings along...too cute. Not too many wholesome options for a young girl to listen to...and there's no way Eme's listening to Ke$ha.  The word "brat" comes to mind.

Cee Lo Green - Forget You
Great song...completely catchy...but how can I listen to it now without picturing this in my head!! lol. What's up with the gorilla/spartan/turkey combo...and the muppets...and Gwyneth? Got to love the Grammys.

Heart - Alone
A definite retro favourite. There's only one volume one can listen to this one...LOUD! Those girls certainly know how to wail! 

The Wonder Pets - Save the Penguin!
lol. I downloaded this one ages ago for the kids to listen to, and it keeps comping up in my playlist. Even now, the kids still love it. We crank it up loud and sing...a baby penguin, he's caught on an iceberg...what's a penguin? What's an iceberg? hehehehe.

What tunes are banging out of your ipod at the moment?

Cheers, Lis.

1 comment:

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

LOL!!! save the penguin? too funny!! i am really into "firework" lately....ever since i heard it on glee!

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