Monday, February 21, 2011

Scrapware | Card Keepers

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love Scrapware!  Ange has done it again with her new collection and lucky me got to play with some. This week on the Scrapware blog, the design team are showcasing Card Keepers. What's a card keeper, you might ask. Its a lifesaver, that's what! lol. For years I have been collecting greeting cards. Cards from Christmas, birthdays, babies, Mother's name it. The problem has always been...what do I do with them?  Enter, the Scrapware Card Keeper.

Card Keepers measure 6"x8", so are big enough to hold most cards. They consist of a front and back piece of laser cut chipboard.  The cards are held in place using a ring or ribbon, or whatever you choose. The bigger the fastener, the more cards your Card Keeper will hold.  I created this one for the Scrapware blog. It houses all of my wedding cards (that have been sitting in a shoe box for nearly 10 years!). I now feel they've been given the respect they deserve.  I think it might have to go on display. Its too pretty now to shove back in a box!  I reread all of the cards as I was threading them onto the keeper too. Some of them were from people that have since passed away.  I absolutely cherish the special words written by them and will keep their cards forever.
Here's the back. I wanted to keep it simple and relatively flat. I have used one of Scrapware's new Doily Frames to give the ribbon a bit more stability.
Scrapware's new Doily Frames come in two pieces...the frame, and a chipboard circle inner.  I detached the frame, coloured it with markers and added a little glaze.
I then created a spiral rose using the inner circle, so there was no waste!  Scrapware's chipboard can easily be cut with scissors and rolled. The end result is a lot sturdier, which is great when using it for an off the page project. I then adhered the spiral rose to the centre of one of Scrapware's Marilyn Blooms. The petals of the flower have been turned up to give even more dimension. Also featured on the front of the Card Keeper is Scrapware's new Foliage shapes (there are four to a sheet!).
At the bottom of the Card Keeper, I have used Scrapware's new Iron Gates. They are super cute and intricate, and they fit perfectly across each of the windows on the front.
Products used:
CK03 Card Keeper - Arch Window
CH450 Iron Gate No. 1 (small)
CH464 Foliage (large)
CH463 Doily Frame No. 3 (small)
LB27 Marilyn Blooms
CH82 Keys

Also available in Scrapware's Card Keeper collection are one window (CK01) and three window (CK02) card keepers.
Now, I know what to do with all of my cards...time to tackle Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Days...the list is endless!

These new products and much much more, will be available on the Scrapware website soon! Ask your LSS to get them in for you.

Cheers, Lis.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of the card keepers and totally agree with you Ange has done it again AWESOME new products I MUST have them all :)
Love what you have done with the new products :)

Leanne said...

What a fabulous idea!! And I love that doily frame! yummmmm....x

ps - just wanted to let you know that I've left you a little something on my blog..x

Her Essential Hand said...

wow.. you have those card holders so much justice :)) looks devine.

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

how awesome are those???

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