Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

After 15 years together, I still love Andrew as much as I did when we first got together. We don't normally celebrate Valentine's, but some things shouldn't go unnoticed. Here's five random things I love about my hubby this Valentine's Day...

1. He makes the most amazing poached eggs on the face of the Earth. Honestly. I've never tasted anything so delicious. The whites are perfectly set, and the yolks are nice and runny...just perfect for dipping toast in. 

2. He's indulges my love of taking photos of the kids. This morning I wasn't able to capture the kids with their crazy hair for school, so he took some on his iphone and  emailed them to me at work. Sweet.

3. He always makes sure the kids are sound asleep before he heads off to bed himself. Last night, Eme was having trouble going to sleep because she was upset about not seeing her daycare friends anymore.  We talked it out (at 10.30pm!) and she went off to sleep soundly...until she climbed in our bed at 5am this morning.

4. He's arranged a day off work to watch Seth at his first swimming carnival. I love that he doesn't want to miss these events. I'm feeling so anxious about Seth swimming, but having Andrew there to protect our boy makes me feel so much more at ease.

5. He loves me and he tells me everyday. Without fail. I'm a lucky girl.

Hugs to all this Valentine's Day. Cheers, Lis.


blondie said...

A beautiful tribute to you two. Must not forget how great you are in all of this.... that's why Andrew loves you the best!

Valentine's rock on!

Lisa K said...

Sounds like a keeper - like mine!
We dont do Valentines day at all but we love each other every day!!

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

awww....that is soooo sweet! abfab!

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