Saturday, January 22, 2011

Layouts | multiphoto

As much as I love scrapping layouts with that one great shot...when I'm shooting away, I take so many...I either can't choose which one to use, or they tell a story and need to be scrapped together.

This layout tells the story of Eme's first attempt at making bunitsa...a traditional bulgarian dish that Andrew's family loves!  Well actually...Andrew was attempting it and Eme took over. I think we have a new generation of cooks in the family! yay! Papers used are Lily Bee's "Domestic Bliss" collection.  I'm still going through a bunting phase and made this one from the apron paper...which reminded me of the apron Eme is wearing! My sister whipped up that little creation when they went to visit recently...talented girl!
I had to add the "sort of" to the title "just like nanna used to make" because Andrew's nanna used to make her filo pastry from scratch! Talk about hard work! It was so thin you could see through it. We cheated and used the shop bought stuff. Still tasted good, but never as good as Andrew's nanna's.

This layout uses Lily Bee's "Domestic Bliss" collection also. Love the floral patterned paper...reminds me of really old wallpaper or a table cloth. lol...and it was almost identical in print to the little shirt Eme's cabbage patch is wearing.  Scrapware products used: WT36 Create Family; CH202 I {heart} you; CH428 Alyssa flourish large.
Funny story (well, I think it is)...I have a really bad habit of buying toys for the kids and then not letting them out of the box (think poor Stinky Pete and Jessie!).  When Eme was born, I was obsessed with finding a cabbage patch doll that had the same birth date.  After 18 months of searching high and low and looking at EVERY cabbage patch I came across, I finally found this one. I bought it on the spot, brought it home...and put it on the highest shelf possible...where it has been sitting for the last three years!

Eme has often asked if she can play with it, and I've always said no.  Recently, my friends Alex and Georgina came to stay and asked me why it was there. After explaining the story, they know, its only a collectible to you! Too true.  After they left, the doll came out of the box and Eme and the doll have been inseparable ever since.  Even funnier...the doll was named Elisabeth Jocelyn. Elizabeth happens to be my sister's name and Jocelyn is Eme's cousins name. She was totally meant to have that doll!  We've called her Beth for short.

Cheers, Lis.


Wendy Smith said...

lovely work Lisa.. the photos are terrific and I love the way you scrap..totally rock my world

Cathy said...

Gorgeous LO's Lisa... absolutely adore your apron banner!! :)

Sharon said...

Just gorgeous layouts Lisa! Nothing ever tastes as wonderful as Nana's things tasted do they?

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