Thursday, January 6, 2011

Discover | de-cluttering

Those who truly know me, know how far from being an organised housewife I really am! lol.  This year, I am trying to discover (there's that word again) my inner domestic goddess. I know my hubby and kids will be forever thankful!

During a spell of blog surfing, I came across the Organised Housewife via Tina.  Katrina (the organised housewife) has set the challenge to de-clutter your home of 52 items. The premise seems so simple, yet so effective, how could I not join in!
The Organised Housewife
Surely there are 52 plus items I could de-clutter right now! But no, I will be taking this over the whole year. I will be keeping track of my progress here and can't wait to see how much less stuff we have in our home taking up unnecessary space.

Feel like joining in?  Leave me a comment and we'll encourage each other!

Cheers, Lis.


Sam said...

Love this idea Lisa, would love to join in and i think doing it weekly is a great way to do it :)

Tina ~ tina gray dot me said...

Thanks for the mention, Lis :) I'm looking forward to getting Chez Gray into some sort of organised chaos this year too ;)

Dolly B said...

found your blog via facebook and have enjoyed reading your posts. When my daughter came home for Xmas she decided my house needed to be decluttered...... Her Mantra was~ Do you Love It, Do you Use it, Do you Need it! I am one of those people that hang onto things because someone gave it to me and when I said such and such gave us that for a wedding present she would say and do you Like it?
I must admit it feels better to have less stuff. Good luck with the decluttering.
Love your word Discover and your list of things to Discover.
I have started using a word for a year, last one was "Grow" this year mine is "Relax" I tend to get worked up about things, get myself in a tizz and things work out anyway so....... I am trying to take a step back, breathe and go with the flow and know it will all be ok


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