Friday, December 31, 2010

one little word | 2011

My word for 2011 is...

Discover what its like to...

eat healthier
join in more
play with my children
go on a date night
enjoy exercise
keep a tidy house
create a sanctuary for my family
spend time in the garden
be organised
use a planner
save money
discover my business' potential
find out more about myself
believe in myself
grab hold of great opportunities
pursue social activities
find balance
find contentment
live my best life possible!

What's your word for 2011??

picture taken at Murrumbateman, Nov.10


Paula said... could have lifted this straight out of my head, guess we all strive for similar things :)
Best wishes for achieving this in 2011...hoping your dreams come true!

Jenna said...

Wishing you an awesome New Year Lisa - to you and your family!! xxx

Alia said...

Best wishes for meeting all of your goals, Lisa! Happy New Year!

cherrytree said...

My Little Word is PRACTICE.
After two years with LISTEN as my word, I know need to

Practice what I preach
Practice makes perfect
Put into practice what I have learnt.

I wish you luck on your journey. I'm sure you will discover just how truly wonderful you are.

Lori Mancini said...

I love your word... I will be talking about mine in a few is ACHIEVE....this is the year for me!! Thanks so much for not deserting me and for your kind words. I am OK and I appreciate the concern.

Happy New Year!

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