Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 20 of 30

Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name

"heyhoewarren?" you might ask. There's a simple explanation really. Heyhoe is my maiden name and Warren is my married name.  I wanted my blog name to be a little unique, but reflect who am I.  Even though 9.5 years have passed since we've been married, I still feel like a Heyhoe.

When Andrew and I first got married, I had every intention of keeping my maiden name, but it didn't happen and I can't remember why. I remember a sales assistant calling me Mrs Warren and I turned around to look for my mother-in law. lol. Its not every day that you have such an unusual name. Its very difficult to let go of it.  I'm incredibly proud of my proud that both of our children have Heyhoe as a middle name.  I have thought about getting it tattooed somewhere, probably on the middle of my back.  Both my mum and Andrew will recoil in horror when they read that...they weren't impressed with my first tattoo. oops. Don't worry...when I do decide to get it done, it won't be crazy big.

"Heyhoe" is a really old Anglo-Saxon name that predates the 7th century when they used topographical markers to name people.  Essentially it means something along the lines of "dweller by the high ridge".  My great grandparents George and Mabel, and my grandfather Frederick, came to Australia from the UK in 1911.  This photo was taken around 1915-18(?). My Pop is pictured in the centre, with my great grandparents, and two of his brothers, Francis and Sydney, who were born in Australia.
If you come across another Heyhoe, we'd be related. There's not a lot of us left!  Send them my way!

Cheers, Lis.

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Jodi Dolbel said...

I was thinking Heyhoe and is hello how ya goin as a greeting! Had no idea heyhoe was actually a name!!! WOW!'Very impressed you know your family tree and have photos, your so lucky!!

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