Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 19 of 30

Day 19 – Another picture of yourself

So, this is the most recent profile photo I have of myself. It was taken at my friend Sandra's Halloween party.  Even though I don't do the "costume" thing, I always make some kind of festive fascinator.  You should see how much hot glue is under that tarantula! lol.  Thankfully Halloween and Melbourne Cup are on in the same week...loads of sales at Spotlight, so I was able to make this one for under $10! Crazy, I know.

I have become quite the expert at self portraits...gotta get that angle just right to negate the fact that I have such a round face and double chin.  A little editing in picnik and its ready to share with the world. 

What tricks do you use to make yourself look more presentable in photos?

Cheers, Lis.

Thirty days of meme - full list

btw - I can't believe I'm more than half way with this meme! I thought for sure I would have given up by now!! Anyone still playing along?


Kirsty said...

You are beautiful! Love the fascinator!
I have no tricks. I always looks awful.
I am still playing along...slowly, but surely LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi! Love the tarantula...eek!
I'm still slowly playing along - I think I'm up to day 13.
My tip for portraits of myself is to wear sunglasses. Most photos of me I am wearing them. I can hide behind them!
Keep perservering with the 30 days of me, you're nearly there!

Karen.C said...

Love the fascinator.
I don't have any tricks what you see is what you get triple chins and all :)


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