Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mum stuff | the lady beetle

This week, Eme befriended a lady beetle which she found sitting on a leaf in the backyard. She brought the lady beetle inside to show me how cute it was. She's a sweet girl and loves all things pretty, and this lady beetle was perfect to her. She took it back outside to "play with it"...not sure what level of play the beetle was up for, but Eme was happy. lol. After a while I hear screaming coming from the backyard! Here I am thinking that someone has broken an arm, but no...Eme had run over the lady beetle on her bike and squashed it flat! Oh the histrionics!

"Nutter! Nutter! My poor Nutter!" she cried. "Nutter funeral"...sob, sob, sob. I actually found it really funny, but didn't want to laugh out loud at her. Seth and Eme held a little funeral and Seth wrote a poem...

An ode to Nutter
One lady beetle has nine lives
One lady beetle has nine lives plus one
One lady beetle minus 10 lives equals
One sad little girl named Eme.
...I love you Nutter.

Eme drew a picture underneath and covered it in bling and love heart stickers...then slept with it. There were tears streaming down her face and she was sobbing so hard. It really broke my heart. I gave her a big cuddle and tried to explain that everything would be okay. I promised we'd go looking for another one in the garden, and suggested that perhaps we don't go riding on our bikes with it. The

Seth on the other I am thinking how clever he was writing that poem...turns out he ripped off the Simpsons! haha...the episode where Lisa's cats keep dying. Well, I guess he is clever being able to work in a Simpsons reference at any given opportunity!
Lisa: Snowball II, I can't believe you've gone. I wrote this poem for you - it's called "Cat Math". Four paws, plus one tail, plus nine lives equals one special cat. One special cat. One special cat minus nine lives equals one sad...little girl...

Cheers, Lis.

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Shell Turner said...

lol Lis, I can't believe that poem. I was so shocked when I read it on FB that I read it out to Daniel and he was blown away by Seth's ability too. Wait till I tell him Seth's a fraud!

Such a cute story, they will both really enjoy hearing about this when they're older!

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