Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kmart $20 challenge!

The idea of the Kmart $20 challenge is to look through the current online catalogue and pick out what items you would buy for your family with only $20. Why? For the chance to win a $20 Kmart voucher of course! (via Aussie Mummy Bloggers).

Well, you have to shop pretty smart to get your monies worth for $20, and I've poured through the catalogue a few times (noting some stuff to buy later too. lol).  Do I buy one big thing, or a few small things? I feel like a kid trying to spend their Christmas money and getting the best value! Here's what I decided on...

First up, being the crafty mumma I am, I chose the Crazy Craft Trunk. The kids and I are going to have a blast playing with all those bits and bobs...glitter glue, scissors, pom poms...I can just imagine them decorating empty toilet rolls ala Play School. Maybe we could make some handmade Christmas decorations this year. Total spent $15.00
Next up, I thought I'd pick up some photos to add to the mix so that we could do some cardmaking too. The kids love making cards for the grandparents, aunties and uncles. We'll need six photos. Total spent: $0.90, subtotal $15.90
All this crafting, makes a girl hungry! Well, they say a Mars a day helps you work rest and play...and I'm willing to test that theory! Twelve Mars bars in a packet, that's 3 each...excellent, nothing like a little treat to keep you going. Total spent $3.00; subtotal $18.90
Last but not least...a dollar spent on a packet of snakes. Lolly snakes are a staple in the Warren car when going on long drives, and Christmas day is one of the longest trips we make!  The return trip to see the rest of the family is over 2 hours and the snakes are a great sweet treat...and let's face it, you want the kids full of sugar by the time they get there!
There you have it. Look at all that family fun we're going to have, and for the bargain price of $20.  What would you spend your $20 on?

Cheers, Lis.

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Brenda said...

Thanks for participating in the challenge. Good luck!

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