Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Day 7 of 30

Day 7 – Your dream wedding

My brother in law is currently planning his wedding to the gorgeous Racheal and its actually made me wonder what I would choose for my wedding if it were now. Even though its only been 9.5 years since Andrew and I tied the knot, styles have changed so much and I'm a totally different person to who I was then.  There's so many options!

Totally love this colour scheme! Might use this as a jumping off point.

The Fashion
Obviously the first thing I'd go shopping for would be a dress. Love this trumpet style dress by Monique Lhuillier (Fall 2011 Collection). So much detail! Loving that latte coloured bow too...very romantic.
Photograph by firstVIEW.

This time around, I wouldn't force Andrew to wear a cravat (lol)...see I'm assuming when I remarry, I would be marrying Andrew...can't imagine marrying anyone else! Thinking just a nice suit, no jacket, casual yet spunky.

A girl's got to have bridesmaids too! Totally fun and flirty frocks that are individual and wearable.

The Flowers
Gotta love a bit of bling! This bouquet is made up entirely of vintage brooches and bits and bobs. Love it! The pops of colour are just beautiful.

The Reception
Love the idea of an outdoor wedding with loads of vintage inspiration.  Love those chandeliers! Mind you, Andrew and I planned an outdoor service for our wedding, and it was absolutely teeming with rain. lol. I wouldn't change the food though, because it was so delicious and the portions were excellent. There was beef topped with king prawns and hollandaise, chicken stuffed with camembert and proscuito, fresh seasonal veges, pastries, yummo!
Let them eat cake! I love all the detail on this cake, yet its still quite simple. Its got to be milk chocolate mud filled though. My friend Jenna makes an absolutely rocking milk chocolate mud!

The Photographer
Its got be Janine! I just love the wedding photos she captures.  I totally wish she had taken our wedding photos. I'll have to book in for a family portrait soon...maybe for our 10th anniversary next year.
What else is there...
- invitations, handmade of course
- music, has to be a live band with lots of fun music and dancing
- cars, couldn't really care less...maybe it'll be somewhere we can walk to

Actually, does it really matter what your dream wedding is? A wedding is just one day, a marriage is for life. Its nice to dream, but I think the fact that I got to marry my best friend is perfect enough for me.  Love you Andrew...awhhh, soppy.

Cheers, Lis.

ps. I just watched Trish Suhr get married on the Style Network! I totally have to try that "trash the dress" thing!! Check out this gorgeous underwater image they captured. Stunning!


Kirsty said...

*sigh* How delightful! I love *your* bridesmaid dresses!

janine kaye said...

aww shucks! Thanks Lisa!! You can renew your vows at 10 years and I'll be there to capture it for sure! Love all your ideas..maybe you should branch into wedding planning!! xxxx

Shell Turner said...

I love the idea of trash the dress too...if only I could fit back into mine!!!

Jenna said...

Awww, gorgeous ideas Lisa!! Mine would be slightly different now too!!

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