Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Summary...

twelve hours sleep
one scrambled egg
two slices of toast
(one with strawberry jam...yum)
two layouts started
one layout finished
three bags loaded into the car
one hour's drive home from retreat
one happy family together
three bags to unpack
two shoes kicked off
six layouts photographed
one chicken roasted
many potatoes baked
thirty-seven emails to read
one deposit to Camp Mojo paid
one too many scoops of ice cream
two children asleep in bed
one hour until I'm asleep too

and just because I can't have a post without a layout...
I showed the girls at the retreat how to make pipe cleaner rings!
thanks again Martha! Check out how-to here...

thanks for popping by...Lis.


Jo Kinder said...

Hey Lisa those rings are too cute!! hope you get some good rest (it's nice to go on retreat, but it sure is nice to come home again :-) )

Anonymous said...

Hey! thanks for showing me how to make the rings and sharing those five pipe cleaners! I am off to riots tomorrow and make a whole bunch more! xooxxoxo JEN

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