Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pebbles Inc reveal...How To Tuesday!

This week on the Pebbles Inc blog, it was my turn to host "How To Tuesday!".  One thing you've probably noticed about my layouts is that they almost always have some form of doodling on I thought I show you a before and after, and share some techniques.

More often than not, I don't feel my projects are complete unless there is a little freehand doodling thrown in. Doodling is so easy to do and a really economical way to lift your project to the next level. Although this layout was perfectly ok, I felt it just needed that little something extra to finish it off.
I started by adding a double line along the edges of the leaves to add more definition.
Then, I traced around the edge of the "hello" sticker. The word sticker was looking a little lost on my layout, and now with the outline, it really pops off the page!
I also added a pale grey border to the edge of the yellow square. My layout is looking more like I want it to...but not quite.
To finish my layout, I have added a chocolate brown border approximately 1/2inch in from the edge. I prefer to draw my lines freehand, but you could use a ruler. To compensate for any crooked lines, I doodle the lines twice. That way they become a design feature and not an error. I find that the quicker the line is doodled, the better it looks. Here's my finished layout...
There are loads of ways you can add doodling, from adding a freehand title, drawing images, or lines. Here's some examples of my favourite doodling techniques.
Why not try out doodling on your next project? I guarantee you'll love the look, and you'll inject a little more fun into your scrapbooking!
If you are looking for more tips and tricks, the How To feature on the Pebbles Inc blog is packed with ideas that you'll love! Check them out here...
Thanks for dropping by, Lis.

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