Tuesday, May 25, 2010

...time flies...

No, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth...this time of year is crazy busy for my family. After SIA at the beginning of the month, we've had our 9th wedding anniversary, mother's day and now Seth's birthday!  My day to day job has also been very hectic, leaving not much time for anything else. I do have some scrapbooking projects to share later in the week, so stayed tuned...

Last Friday, Seth turned 7! I can't believe it really. It only seems like yesterday that we were bringing him home from the hospital.  I remember his birth story so clearly.  He was induced at 8.30am on the 20th and didn't make his way into the world until 7.13am on the 21st...and he was 10 days late!! He just didn't want to come out! lol.  Real labour was only about 13 hours...but that's a long time for an induction.
Seth's current obsession is Super Mario Bros, and he asked for a Mario cake this year...here 'tis.  I think I came up with the goods. My cream coloured shirt is a little worse for wear though, as I put both my boobs in his cake while I was leaning over it icing! d'oh!! lol.
Whilst on holidays in January, Seth tried Chicken Parmigiana for the first time and he loved it! So, naturally he requested it for his birthday dinner. I made it from scratch using Julie Goodwin's recipe and it was a major success...absolutely delicious! I'll be adding that one to our repertoire for sure! We paired the parma' with green beans, asparagus, broccollini and potato gems (another of his favs).
Here's the birthday boy...very pleased with his cake and all of his pressies.  He asked for a "white cake" this year...read vanilla.
I always love capturing the "blowing out the candles" shot.  Seems a shame to put hours of effort into decorating a cake, only to deface it with candles then hack into with a knife. Oh well...lol.
This year, instead of a birthday party, we took Seth and Eme to Dubbo Zoo (about 6 hours drive from our house). We stayed the weekend at a nice hotel and ate way too much food.  The highlight of our zoo visit was hand feeding the giraffes! I have wanted to do that all my life and it was such a thrill. I never realised how big their heads are!  One the way home we stopped at Bathurst for a hot lap around Mt Panorama and a tour of the Motor Racing Museum.  I love getting away for a family weekend!  I'll share some photos after I've edited them down.

Thanks for stopping by...Lis.


Anonymous said...

Hey Lis,

Hope Seth had a great birthday, Cake looks awesome but you are always good at bring it together.

Happy Birthday Seth from the Crehans xxx

Dubbo is awesome isn't it, glad you had a great weekend away


Cass said...

I laughed out loud at the vision of you garnishing the cake with your boobs! :)

Seriously, the cake looks fabbo. You have a real talent there.

Anonymous said...

what an awesome cake! looks like he had a great time :)


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