Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter everyone!

Well, as per usual the kids were up way too early...well not really...but daylight savings finished last night, which meant that 7.30am was actually 6.30am...which is way too early for kids and chocolate!! lol.

The Easter Bunny was very very good to them this year...elegant rabbits, humpty dumpty eggs, mini eggs, bigger eggs...all chocolate and all tasty!!  He even dropped off a couple of Lindt bunnies for Andrew and I. hehehehe.

Yes, I've been giggling this morning and had to share...
Today we're off to Andrew's parents to celebrate Easter with the family.  No doubt the Easter Bunny has been there too and the kids will be hyped up on sugar for the rest of the day!  Andrew's mum and dad bought us a canvas print for Easter - a photo of the kids taken a few months ago...its huge and looks gorgeous on our loungeroom wall!

Have a great Easter everyone!


Karen.C said...

I love the humour happy Easter to you and the Family.


Cass said...

Thanks for the Easter giggles! :)

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