Sunday, February 28, 2010

52 layouts 52 weeks

I'm still going strong with the 52 layouts project for this year...

Week 6 - Back to the daily grind
This week I went back to work after the Christmas's a little glimpse at my workspace...
Week 7 - The Handbag
You know when you're walking along minding your business when you spy something out of the corner of your eye...well that's what happened here.  I saw it, I had to buy was that simple.  I love slinging it over my shoulder every morning and heading off to work.  Life is too short to have a boring black handbag.
Week 8 - My Valentine
Seems weird that Valentine's day landed in week 8, but it does.  Andrew and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, but this year I thought I'd surprise him with a long stemmed rose.  It was so beautiful, how could I not share it with my love.  awhhhh.
Just have to do Weeks 9 and 10, then I'm up to date!

tfl, Lis.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Gorgeous layouts Lisa! I especially love those roses. Good luck with the 52 weeks, it's a brilliant idea.

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