Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree....

Oh, Christmas Tree
How lovely are your branches,
In summer sun or winter snow,
A coat of green you always show.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree
How lovely are your branches.

The tree is up and looking gorgeous!! If I do say so  This year we changed it up a bit...I actually let the kids decorate it!  I have a plan when I decorate it...first, put the tree together, next lights, then strands of pearls, baubles, special ornaments, and lastly the angel on top.  I opened up the decoration box this lights!  Totally forgot that we'd thrown them out last year because there were too many busted.  This resulted in Andrew racing up the shops to buy new ones, and he came home with icicle strands...well, that threw out the plan because I had no idea how to put them on the tree. lol.  Well, they were actually easier than the regular ones.  The kids put all the decorations on, with a little help from Andrew to put the ones up high.  They did a great job!  I just love sitting on the lounge watching the lights flash relaxing.

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