Monday, August 10, 2009

Color Combos Galore #130

I'm finally getting back on track after having the flu from hell for 4 weeks! Why is it, when you're sick, your mojo goes out the window?? Anyway, I'm all up to date and my mojo is flowing again! Color Combos Galore #130 has been revealed, and here it is:
slate grey - barest lilac - cobblestone - lavender blue

Here's my take...I've used a deeper shade of lilac, but I love how this one came together. When I first saw this combo, I was little frightened - two shades of purple!! eeeek! lol. The CCG DT have done an awesome job...check out their creations here.
The pics of are Eme and her friend Blake. They are just inseparable and they play so well together. The other day they were walking along holding hands, until Blake's brother teased "Blake's got a girlfriend!". Well he let go straight away! lol. We're at that age already and they're not even 4 yet.

tfl, Lis.

btw - Sandra, I finally used the infamous Spotlight butterfly! arm is still sore from that fall back in March.


BabyBokChoy said...

I love how this page turned out! fantastic take on the combo!!

Sandra Henderson Staples said...

LOOOOOve the flutterby buddy - the paper is the same colour of your arm after the fall!!! -

Anonymous said...

i love this one, I wold like to get a copy af this page, i just love your pages Lis you so have a gift

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