Wednesday, June 24, 2009

CCG #127 is up!

This week's colour combo is just so fresh and girlie!! I just couldn't help but make a layout about Eme and I.
cotton candy - creamy coconut - strawberry swirl - pistachio

For this one, I dug out an older photo of Eme and I taken back in November 2006. She was such a tiny little bubba and totally adorable (still is).
I have been going crazy with the paper crimper lately...the leaves have been folded in half and crimped for texture. I swear, if its not glued down, its getting the crimp treatment. The kids love that tool too, and I keep finding cut up and crimped pieces of paper all over the house! lol. I think they are both frustrated scrapbookers...mostly because I won't let them play with my stuf...hehe.

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