Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Seth's birthday

This year, we celebrated Seth's 6th birthday with a trip to the local bowling alley with family and a few of his friends from school. I always let the kids decided what they'd like for their cake and Seth requested a cake in the shape of a bowling ball and pins...here's what I came up with. Thanks again to Betty Crocker frosting and Kenny St Fruit & Deli for the cake base! I just don't have time to bake, but I can always decorate. The outline is licorice and I found some red sour straps for the star. I swear the requests are getting more elaborate each year. Pity help them if I have to buy a decorated cake one year. lol. Here's a few snapshots from the day. Thanks to all of the parents for allowing me to share them with you.I didn't actually know that they made bowling shoes that small (lol) and they were velcro! I want a pair!! Seth managed a couple of spares, but the winner of the kids was Liam with 100!
I ended up having to bowl for Miss Eme; her little arms just couldn't lift those bowling balls. We tried using the thing where you put the ball on top and just push it off, but Eme bashed her mouth on it and made it bleed...game over. Here's our gorgeous little chicken pre bowling injury.
We had a blast and were all exhausted by the time we got home. Seth unwrapped his pressies, then indulged in a little Ben 10 Alien Force and Meet The Robinsons. Seth was spoilt rotten by his family and friends! He has a little birthday money to spend now and he's adamant he wants a really bouncy ball and a figure for his omnitrix. So, that's Seth's birthday wrapped up for another year.
Cheers, Lis.


Laura T. said...

OMG - that cake is adorable.

Sar said...

Looks like an awesome day all round! God you're good with the cakes, Lis.... :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool cake Lisa! Glad you all had a happy day- accept poor Em's bump! Jo

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