Friday, May 22, 2009

Inspired Blueprints - Sketch 22

Sketch 22 has been revealed at Inspired Blueprints and the gorgeous Christy came up with this one. It uses 3 standard sized prints and there are so many ways you can use this sketch. Check out Inspired Blueprints for more examples from our Inspiration Team. Here's my take. I converted the sketch to an 8.5x11 format by using smaller photos.
These pics are of Eme after her friend Jazzie's birthday party. She just loved looking like a beautiful butterfly!
In other news, Andrew will be working overtime this weekend due to the flooding in Northern NSW, and inbetween night shifts, he'll be squeezing in his duties as water runner for Seth's footy team and Seth's birthday party Saturday afternoon. I think I'll have to take the kids out on Sunday so he can sleep! I've picked out the design for Seth's cake and its going to look awesome!! I just have to buy all the fixin's. I hope it looks as good as my this space for pics.
Yesterday, Seth handed out all of his lolly bags, including his teacher and the school principal and they were all very impressed. The principal made a beeline for Andrew yesterday afternoon to thank him especially! lol. That was all Seth's doing - we are definitely not crawlers! lol. Seth's teacher gave him a special birthday certificate and he couldn't wait to show us last night. He also chose his special birthday dinner...KFC! Erk...not something I would have picked for my birthday dinner, but what can you do (it all just looks and tastes the same!).
In the meantime, Eme is still recovering from her asthmatic episode earlier this week, and I have tonsillitis, so we're having a fun time in our house...not. I hope you're all keeping well and have a great weekend. Lis.

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BabyBokChoy said...

First of all, that's quite a nice face painting job!! Did they hire some pros or did someone who hosted the bday party do the painting?
Great take on the sketch. I love the sketches on that site. I would have loved to try out for the DT, in fact, I did use the sketch for the next color combo layout. Will you continue with sketch DT or is it a 6 months rotation type of thing? anyway, lovely layout, is that collage press paper??? why don't I have it? OH NO, LOL

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