Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Savvy April challenges...

Over at Scrapbook Savvy, there are a number of challenges being run with the opportunity to win gift vouchers for the store! All entries need to be uploaded by the end of April. Here are my takes...

Kerryn's Ad Challenge
Create a layout inspired by this ad.
This ad had such a striking design and I knew I wanted to keep it fairly true, hence the black and orange. The photos are of some of our kids shoes...I just can't bear to throw them away! Andrew came up with the witty title. Savvy Random Challenge
Create a layout inspired by this colour scheme
It was a challenge to pull all these colours together, and a great excuse to use up my Primas! I haven't created a layout with a heap of flowers for ages, so this was a bit of fun. I've used different coloured/sized/style brads in the centres of each bloom. The photo is of the kids and their cousins on Easter Saturday...before they got all dirty! lol.Sketch Challenge
Create a layout based on this Page Maps sketch
Once again, I kept it fairly simple and close to the sketch. These pics were taken in our front yard. We have a colony of frogs living out there at the moment and the kids love trying to find them in amongst the agapanthus. We have a special catcher that has holes in the top and a magnifying glass so the kids can get a close up look...don't worry though, the little frogs are only in there long enough to take a peek at, and then we release them.
So there you have it! Lots of inspiration at Scrapbook Savvy...come and join in the fun! You've got to be in it to win it, as they say.

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Greta Adams said...

woo girl....u have been busy....i am loving your stuff....and hopefully i can pump out the newest IB sketches tomorrow...my creativity is ZILCH..NONE....NADA.... {deep sigh}

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