Thursday, April 30, 2009

CCG #120

This week's combo is very bright and girlie, and I still managed to do a layout for my son! lol.
delicious watermelon - bubblegum pink - vanilla ice cream - sweet pineapple
I started creating this one at Sar's place, and it looks nothing like the layout I began! lol. I just kept adding and adding, and I kept finding more and more stuff within the colour combo, so the end result is quite cluttered. I even managed to add a feather! lol. This is just one of those random pics of the kids that I like, so the journaling is for let him know that even though Eme drives him crazy, he really does love and adore her!
Ciao for now, Lis.

1 comment:

Sar said...

Looks awesome Lis! And your envy I envy people who can scrap like you...grrr....



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