Saturday, March 28, 2009


No photos or layouts this post...sorry. lol.

This week has been a good week. I've been incredibly productive creating stuff for Scrapware for SIA. There's going to be some very very delicious products released and I can't wait to share them with you. I am even going to release some of my own designs! Look out world, here comes "heyhoewarren designs" for Scrapware. My stuff is fun and usable, with some journaling stuff thrown in. I also created some layouts for the GCD Studios DT call...not sure how I'll go as they've had over 350 applicants, but you've got to be in it to win it, right. This week I had 3 layouts picked up by Scrapbooking Memories magazine, and this morning I received an email from Scrapbooks Etc saying they want to publish my dilemma for an upcoming "Scrapbook 911" article - too fun! Can't wait to see how they answer my question...can't share what it is just yet. All in all, its been a busy scrapbooking week.

This morning, Seth played his first official game of rugby league. His team didn't win, but he had an absolute ball running around and tackling other kids. He was so dirty by the end! Andrew is the water runner for the team and we just love calling him the "water boy" (thanks Adam's some highly quality H2O). I volunteered to wash the jerseys this week, which in hindsight wasn't that smart because the team wore the white ones this week. lol. Andrew sprayed them heavily with prewash then threw in a few scoops of napisan and they look lovely and bright...thank goodness. I love seeing them hanging on the line.

Tonight, Seth and Andrew have gone to the Eels first home game for the season with Nathan and Racheal at Parramatta Stadium. I totally hope they win...hate it when they come home after a loss. The ARL released the new State of Origin ad this week, and Seth, Andrew and Nathan are in it!! They form part of the have to look really closely.

So, while they're out doing the boy thing, Eme and I are having a girlie night in. We've indulged with a bit of crafting (Eme found my glitter and now I have shimmery pink carpet instead of cream), then we watched Camp Rock and a bit of High School Musical 2 before she went to bed. Love that I've got an excuse to watch Disney. lol. It was such a lovely evening with my little girl - she's at that age now where she wants to do lots of girlie stuff with me like craft and dress-ups and playing hairdressers - its a lot of fun! Eme made a card tonight for baby Brooklyn, who we'll be going to meet tomorrow. I can't wait to have a cuddle!

That's about it for now. I will be at SIA until Wednesday evening and I'm sure there'll be lots to talk about after that. Have a great weekend everyone.



Charleegirl said...

Hey Lis, congrats on the heyhowarren stuff... cant wait to see it and maybe even use some of them.... Loving what scrapware have to offer... Good luck with GCD and SIA. Sure to be a blast.

Sar said...

Congrats on getting your LO's picked up by SM!!!! About time eh. And I CAN'T WAIT to see all your designs at SIA! See you there.

Luv Sar

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