Monday, March 16, 2009

Inspired Blueprints - Sketch 12 and other stuff

Sketch 12 has been released on the Inspired Blueprints blog! This one comes to you courtesy of Christy. I love the simplicity of this sketch, and you should check out how the design team have interpreted this one! So diverse!! ...and here's my take...
Once again, I've used goodies from my Lime Tart kit. I just love the colours in this soft...they reminded me of these pics by Janine. I've been wanting to scrap these pics of Sethy-boy and I for a little while and this sketch was perfect for them...I just adore this little boy!

This weekend, Seth had his second footy match, and he almost scored a try! We were shouting and cheering as he ran down the sideline, and no one was going to catch him...but he dropped the ball over the line! We couldn't believe it!! He was running so fast and he tried to adjust the ball position and just lost control. Oh well, he was so happy just running and having fun, and that's the main thing. Papa and Uncle Nathan came along to watch too.
Emeline is sick again...cold/flu thing going on and asthma. We've had a couple of nights with her in our bed snoring her little head off and having Ventolin throughout the night. Hopefully she's over the worst of it. She was on hourly intervals at one point and we've now stretched her out to 4 this space. She was, however, able to help wash the car...there was no way she was going to miss out on playing in the soapy bucket!
Yesterday I went to Guys and Dolls with Mum and Beth. We went for lunch in Chinatown and then wandered up to the theatre. The Capitol is a beautiful old building...I should have taken some pics of the interior..oh well. I met Mark Taylor there (Aussie cricketing legend) and then managed to trip over in front of him! So embarrassing. The show was excellent! The cast was fantastic! I always love seeing Marina Prior perform!!

btw - that pic bottom right shows what happens when you eat too many blue m&m's! lol.

All through the show, all I could think about was this episode of the Simpsons when Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker was starring in Guys and Dolls...

Hamill: Luke, be a Jedi tonight! Just be a Jedi tonight!
Hamill & Chorus: Do it for Yoda, while we serve our guests a soda.
Hamill: Uh, and do it for Chewie and the Ewoks, and all the other puppets ...
Hamill & Chorus: Luke, be a Jedi tonight!

I had to stifle my giggles when they starting singing "Luck be a lady tonight...".

hehehe...have a good one everyone! Cheers, Lis.


Anonymous said...

those lyrics are so funny. I keep thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

I saw Guys and Dolls on Broadway in NY years ago and to this day it is still one of my favorites.

Sar said...

Oh no, can't believe you fell over! You're so funny! Sounds like you had an awesome day but!!

Luv Sar

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