Monday, January 12, 2009

just a few photos its a lot of photos! lol. I've been meaning to upload some Chrissy photos, and its been a while, so thought it best to put them all in one post and get them over and done with.

Check out the gingerbread house the kids and I made! So proud of us!! I've never made one before, so was a bit clueless. I made the gingerbread from scratch and cooked it in the Chefs Toolbox gingerbread house mould. Love the log cabin effect on the outside - too cute! I made a mountain of icing (as per the recipe). I probably could have decorated the outside of my own house too. I didn't really think the whole gingerbread house/transport thing out too well though because I had to nurse it on my lap for 2 hours in the car! Every bump we hit, I thought I would lose it. lol. It was delicious, and we went Hansel and Gretel all over that house!
Christmas morning is always a blur and I always take bad, bad photos! Here's a collection of the "best". lol. Seth fully understands that to unwrap a present, one must rip and tear! There was paper flying everywhere!! Eme was on the hunt for the Tinkerbell dvd she had asked Santa for. She looked in her big bag of presents and opened what she thought was it, only to be disappointed by a Barbie dvd. Em couldn't quite understand that Santa brings more stuff than what you actually ask for...and yes, Santa did deliver the much desired Tinkerbell dvd (and we have watched it constantly since!). The kids were spoilt rotten (of course) with both getting numerous pressies, but their favourites were scooters and a wii console. Lucky I don't really care about my timber floors, because they've been riding them all through the house.
We caught up with the Warren family a few days prior to Christmas, and we got to meet Andrew's cousin's son for the first time - he's now 18 months (I think?)! Where does the time go?!! Katy came down for a visit too, and the kids loved having her here. Seth and Eme loved playing with their cousins - its a shame we don't get to see them more often.Boxing Day was spent in the pool at my parents house. I didn't go in though - too much sun the day before and a flu - didn't want to risk getting any more sunburnt or sick! I haven't spent much time with my cousins over the last couple of years, so it was fun to sit and chat and be silly. My uncle was given the best gift for Christmas...all of his home movies converted to dvd! We sat down after lunch and watched them all...there was me was a baby and as a little girl...I get teary just thinking about it. Seth and Eme loved watching it and Eme kept saying "there's baby Mummy!". I didn't realise until then how much Seth is like me as a young child. The Heyhoe gene is strong in that one!
As you may have read, I missed out on buying the Project 365 kit, however, much to my delight, Becky Higgins has offered it as a free download on her blog! To say I'm happy about this is an understatement! I had continued taking photos anyway and had planned on putting my own together - now I don't have to! YAY!! I'm up to day 16 of taking photos and its become a real habit. The first few days were difficult, but now its second nature. The photos are simple to say the least, but represent us and I love it. I'm still continuing with the 12 of 12, and have taken a few photos today. One thing I have noticed is that petrol has dropped from about $1.27/L in November to under a dollar today! Amazing.Lastly, here's some pics of Eme from yesterday. She went to a birthday party yesterday - the first time she's been invited to a party without her brother! Lavender Lily entertained the children, sang, danced, painted their faces and made bead bracelets - Eme had a ball! Her party dress was a gift from Aunty Ros - doesn't she look gorgeous! The balloon dress thing looks adorable on her. Less photos, more layouts next post - promise.
Cheers, Lis.


nerllybird said...

hi Lisa, those pics of Eme in her party dress are sooo gorgeous! Your uncle's pressie sounds great - I want my home vids on dvd so that I can take stills out and scrap them. We've got a real lack of photos from the years we were using a camcorder. And your gingerbread house rocks! That mould must be fantastic, I'll have to see if we can get something like it over here. x

Anonymous said...

Eme looks so grown up now Lisa. I am astounded at your Gingerbread House, fantastic. All the pictures are wonderful, every event covered. I am sure that everyone is not concerned whether you blog or put pages on your blog, everything is enjoyed immensely.
..Love Mum

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