Saturday, November 1, 2008

I've been tagged...

So I was blog surfing away and saw that I've been tagged by the lovely Jen! I love to play here's 7 random facts about me!
  1. I wasn't happy with the first scrapbook album I ever made, so I re-did 45 pages! My style has evolved immensley since then, but I'm not doing it again (lol).
  2. I can't drive a manual car and the two and only times I've tried, I've gotten into a fight with my "instructors" and thrown the keys away! I love my automatic...I love that I can just turn the key and go.
  3. I learned to speak Japanese after I left school and got a job in Japan, but chickened out and stayed home.
  4. My first pay cheque was for $12.34 for 4 hours work at McDonalds and I thought I had it made! rotflmao...I earn a bit more now...hehe.
  5. I can sleep through just about anything...earthquakes and babies screaming next to me included!
  6. I once dragged a dead funnel web spider (incredibly deadly Aussie spider) out from under my bed with my foot - scary thing would have had to have crawled under there at some stage when it was well and truely alive. Talk about a close call.
  7. I went on student exchange to America in 1991 and had a fabulous time with my host family. I just reconnected with Shauna (my "sister") and Barbara (my "mom") via Facebook! I love that the internet brings everyone together! I've missed them like crazy and often wondered how they were going...and now we can "chat" again- fantastic!
That was fun! Now its time to pass it on..I tag:
Anne-Marie and

And just so I don't have a photo free blog's what happens when your little girl is being a bit too quiet! lol...

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Anonymous said...

Oh girl! Thank you for thinking of me! I've been tagged before too so I just wanted to drop in and say 'thank you'!! And thank you for your friendship, I love ya!! :)

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