Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In my youth...

I was a massive Noiseworks fan. I even did my Year 12 History of the Rock n' Roll Years assignment on them (yes, that was a real course during the HSC). Well, last Saturday night it was time to step back into 1991...I went out with the girls to see Noiseworks at Shellharbour Workers Club...boy we had a fantastic time! I was front row, center, right up against the stage!! The only place to be!
l-r Jodie, Tanya, Colette and Nicki

I haven't seen Noiseworks live since I was 18 and they were sounding better than ever! I'm so glad I went. My throat was sore from singing so loudly and I was only deaf for a couple of days (lol). Every Noiseworks concert I've ever been to has been fantastic - they have so much energy on stage. They seriously give all the current bands a run for their money. I can still hear every riff and its just as sweet as ever! They've got a new CD coming out next week and I am so adding it to my collection.
l-r Jon Stevens, Stuart Fraser, Scott Alpin, Steve Balbi, Kevin Nicol
Afterwards, Nicki convinced us to go out the back to meet them - yay! I have met them before, but this was this first time I met Stuart Fraser (my fav.) and he was so nice! We got to have a chat, some pics and autographs. It looks like my cheeks are about to explode, I'm so happy!
l-r Kevin Nicol, Steve Balbi, Jon Stevens, Stuart Fraser
I took about 500 photos, so won't bore you all with them here. There's plenty more on Facebook if your interested. Don't you just love acting like a teenage again!?!
Cheers, Lis.


Anonymous said...

ok,so what will happen when new kids on the block come to australia? have you heard their new song...lol


Rachael Griffin said...

You are so funny, I wish we were friends growing up, we would totally have been going to see the same bands, love noiseworks and Taxiride. Although my memory has left me as to the names of band members, except of course for Jon Stevens, you are way more die-hard than me.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow....I loved Noiseworks at school too! They have aged pretty well I must say.....still cute as ever lol.
Looking forwadr to catching up with you in Canterbury :-)

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