Friday, July 11, 2008

the week that was...

This week we discovered that Seth actually has ears - here's the photographic proof - he just doesn't know how to use them! lol.
Baby, its cold outside! The wind hasn't dropped off at all, but the temperature has. Here's our rugged up little bunny, Eme sporting her pom pom beanie and parker.
Eme got to catch up with all her little friends at Mica's birthday party. It was so nice watching her play and have fun (and overdose on fairy bread!).
Eme is discovering her own style and let me just say, she is a right style banger! Here she is with her baby "Mica" (named after the aforementioned birthday girl) working those headbands!
Seth's obsession with all things cute and cuddly continues with a vengance. Here he is will all his boys! I don't know how he fits in his bed at night because they all go to bed with him. His favourite is Albert the pup, pictured bottom right.
Seth also spent time rolling down hills - ahhh to be young!
Last but not least - I baked a cake! Those who know me, know that I don't bake, so this one is quite a triumph. I'd like to thank all the little people for helping to lick the bowl, Betty Crocker, Chef, Chef's Toolbox and Woolies for actually stocking the cake mix - it was 4" deep of win!
The very gorgeous Belinda gave me a blog award! Very exciting - love your blog too chicky!
Here are the Award Rules:
1. The winner can take the logo
2. Place a link to the person that send you the award
3. Give the Award to at least 7 other Scrapbooking-Blogs, which by its currency,the issues of choice and for their designs are especially noteworthy
4. Put a link to these sites on your Blog.
5. Write a comment on their Blogs that they’ve won an Award

So here goes...
Julie's blog is one that I hang out to be updated. I just love her layouts and am constantly inspired by her!
Lynn's blog may be new, but its not short on inspiring content! The award must be shared with her equally talented hubby for designing the banner - it rocks!
Emilie's blog is just fantastic - great content and humourous.
Anne-Marie is a new inspiration of mine - I love how she puts those layouts together and I love that she shares all those CHA sneak peaks!
Yvette was the first scrapper I ever saw in a magazine 5 years ago and I'm still inspired by her - love her blog too.
Alice is one of my ksk friends and her blog rocks. I love the layouts she produces!
...and last but not least, Nic - I love reading her posts, I can relate to her so much - and her scrapbooking style is just beautiful - love seeing her work!
That's all for now...ta,ta.


KimA said...

Nice Cake Lisa!! - now you can bake me one please :o) Who would have ever know that you don't bake - LOL!

Lynn Ghahary said...

Hey girl! Thank you so much for the award! How sweet is that?!? And my hubby says thank you too. :)

I'm short on computer time since I'm packing for our vacation but I will hand out my awards when I return. :)

Yvette Adams said...

Thanks Lisa! I graciously accept your generous award, lol. :D No really, thank you - you are such a sweetheart!

Grats on the baking front! I love to bake. I'd rather bake than cook meals ANY day! Dave actually baked with Tassy today, for the first time ever! His effort was to buy cookie dough, then just roll and bake, lol. But I was impressed with even that! Oh, and he thought the cookies would go hard in the oven but when they stayed soft he left them in. Longer. And Longer, lol. But they're still OK. And I don't really blame him for thinking they'd go hard in the oven!

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