Tuesday, July 29, 2008

bella = beautiful

For Keeps Creative Paper, Issue no. 69 has just been released, and I got to contribute to the "Bella on a Budget" article this month, using Bella's Elegance range. Here are a few of the layouts that were printed. The first layout features pics of Andrew and Eme taken at my cousin's wedding. Eme just looked beautiful (and cheeky) and I'm so glad I was able to capture that moment. I have used Bella's glitter vellum - love that product!
Layout No. 2: This pic is from our trip to Sydney Wildlife World. Seth just loved the butterflys, and I must say, that butterfly display was very impressive!
Layout No. 3: I can't believe I actually allowed a photo of myself to be printed in a national magazine! I have cut out the paisley patterned paper to make a butterfly (noticing a theme here?) and coloured it with pencils to sort of match the pattern on my shirt.
This layout wasn't printed; its just one that I quickly did with the leftovers. Think I might redo this one or add something - its feeling a little minimalist.
I won't post the 4th layout just yet - I want to add a little more to it.
This weekend passed by in a haze - very very busy! I hosted a retirement dinner on Friday night, then taught a class at Scrapbooking Delights on Saturday (will post the class layout soon), then taught another class on Sunday at Scrapbook HQ (will post that one later too).
Andrew and my sister ran in the Sutherland 2 Surf - so proud of them! I wish I could have been at the finish line to greet them, but it coincided with my class at HQ - oh well, next year!
Our washing machine decided to pack it in on Saturday. The buttons still work and everything, but nothing happens when you hit go! Very frustrating - the technician is coming on Thursday, so hopefully it will be something easy (and cheap) to fix and then we can catch up on the weekend. They say these things happen in three's - so add the fact that we need to get the fridge fixed and the wheels/brakes done on the car - I think we've met our quota. We just got our tax cheques back - typical that we have a little extra $$ and we have to spend it repairing stuff!!
Have a great week everyone and cross your fingers for me that nothing else will break down. Lis.


Lynn Ghahary said...

Beautiful layouts Lis! Love all the butterflies and you look gorgeous in that photo! :)

Kathryn said...

Fabulous Layouts -- I love the colors you chose! Great Work!

Unknown said...

Love the layouts...they are gorgeous. The photos are the stars and I love how you enhanced them with your lovely designs. Fabulous!

Unknown said...

Lovely layouts here! Great work!

Unknown said...

All your layouts are just beautiful!!!!! You are one amazing creative inspiring women!!!

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