Thursday, April 24, 2008

layouts to share

Here's the gorgeous Rach and Jamie on their wedding day. I told you she looked beautiful. The photos are by Joanne Hockey (who also took the family portrait on the next layout). R&J are still on their honeymoon and I can't wait for them to get home so they can tell us all about the US and Canada - sounds like they've been having a fantastic time!

These two layouts both use Bella "Delightful Life". I tell you, I just love the weight of their new papers - cardstock thickness, so just perfect to use as a background too.

Well, we've survived week 2 of school holidays and tonight Andrew and I are going out to buy Seth his winter uniform shirts. I thought I had already done it, but I only got 1! Definitely need a backup shirt!! He's had a great week hanging out with Granny and PaPa - I am so thankful that they were able to help us out. I'm hoping that next holidays Andrew and I will be able to take some time off and do some special stuff with our little man.

What can I say about Eme - she's just a little treasure. She finished up at her daycare centre on Tuesday, so will be going to her new one 3 days a week. Her carers gave her a card and a gorgeous photo. There was lots of hugs and near tears. I'm definitely going to miss all the carers - they really feel like a part of the family. Eme gave her "boyfriend" Noah a cuddle goodbye and told me that "Noah's going to miss me - isn't that great!" hehe. She'll be able to catch up with her old daycare friends at a birthday party in a few weeks.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe long weekend. We'll be watching the march on tv as usual, keeping an eye out for Andrew's cousin marching in their granddad's batallion. Anzac Day always make me bawl my eyes out - I feel so proud of our country and thankful for the massive sacrifice the service men and women have made for our country. Lest we forget.


Anonymous said...

Love your pages Lisa, I just wish I had time to do it, maybe when we get a bigger house.

Anonymous said...

Both layouts are gorgeous Lisa - and the photos on them are stunning. I'd love to get a proper photographer to take some nice natural pix of us as a family - sadly there's not really anyone up here that could do it.

Julie xx

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