Sunday, March 23, 2008

the Easter Bunny's been!!!

Can you believe they slept in?! Eme didn't get up until 8am and we had to call out to Seth to wake up to shouts of "the Easter Bunny's been, the Easter Bunny's been..." The kids scored big time in their baskets and Mummy and Daddy did prety good too (hehe). Breakfast entrees consisted of chocolate eggs, while I took some really blurry photos (btw - I hate my camera!). Before I could stop them, they'd both unwrapped their chocolate bunnies and eaten the ears off (they've been confiscated and are now in the fridge). Just about to tuck into bacon and eggs, then we'll be off to meet Andrew's grandparents for lunch and then to pop into my Mum and Dad's place.

Happy Easter everyone!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

HAPPY EASTER to you all Lisa!!
Cute pix of the kiddo's and their stash of choccies.

- loved the layouts in your last post, totally fabbo!!

Julie xx

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