Friday, January 4, 2008

happy birthday babe

Today is my hubby Andrew's birthday. This morning the kids came in early to give him his pressies and birthday cuddles. Seth sang him the traditional birthday song too...

"Happy birthday to you
You live in the zoo
You look like a monkey
AND you smell like 43!"

Don't know what that means - Andrew is no way near 43 yet. I guess anyone older than Seth must be really old!!

We spent the day doing some shopping and unfortunately the kids were little ratbags (yet again). I heard Andrew say "maybe I should have gone to work!". Nice. Don't know what we're doing for dinner - the weather is fairly ordinary, so perhaps a bbq at home. We have the family coming over on Sunday for a brunch which should be nice.

Happy birthday too to Jodie for today!


KimA said...

Happy 43rd Birthday Andrew!!! ;o)

Jodie Crehan said...

Thank you, Lisa.

I hope Andrew has a wonderful day.

Happy Birthday Andrew

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