Friday, January 25, 2008

#100 - my first century!

Not even the Aussie cricketers can manage that one at the moment. I can't believe this is my 100th post - I thought I'd be tired of blogging by now!
Here's our gorgeous Eme - this layout is currently appearing on the KSK portal. She's so gorgeous - and at the moment she is quite ill. Yesterday afternoon she was admitted to hospital following an asthmatic episode. When we arrived at the hospital, we told the treage nurse what was happening, and they took her in straight away (much to the disgust of all the people who had been waiting). The nurse made an announcement for the ped team to go to resus room 3, then we were rushed in. The reaction time frightened me a little - I thought I had underestimated her condition. She was admitted and was having 20min, then 1 hourly intervals of Ventolin. After a night of observation, she was sent home today. We'll need to give her 3 hourly Ventolin for the next few days, then back to the doctors. I've felt like such a zombie today - I didn't sleep well at all for all the worry. Andrew slept by her side at the hospital and is at home today - he's such a fantastic dad. She will be fine in a couple of days, but she gave us a bit of a fright!
On another note, here's my layout for stuck?! this week. I love the bright colours and circles - and how cute/cheeky do the kids look! I took these photos a little while ago and had wanted to scrap them, but didn't quite know what to do with them. Well, thanks to the stuck sketch this week, I had the answer and the motivation to get it done. Simple really.

RAK TIME - Thanks to everyone who left me a message - yay for Janelle and Lynne - I have some scrappy goodies with your names on them. Please send me an email and I'll get them to you asap.

Have a great Australia Day weekend everyone....aussie, aussie, aussie...oi, oi, oi!!


Anonymous said...

So Glad Eme is alright- Love the page of her- what a cutie Love Aunty Ros

Sar said...

Oh Lisa, sorry to hear that Eme isn't well. Hope she is feeling better, poor little thing. So scary when they're sick, eh.

Luv Sar

Cass said...

Sounds like a scary time. Glad to hear Eme is feeling better. *big hugs to you*

Anonymous said...

I like the last few LO's that you have posted, particularly because they are multiple photo LO's. Think I may be scraplifting these! Hope Eme is improving. LynneD.

Melissa said...

Your work is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

OMGosh - how absolutely scary for you all!!! I hope she's doing heaps better now and you've all caught up on some rest.

Beautiful work on your layouts - always enjoy seeing them.

Julie xx

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