Thursday, September 27, 2007

two already!

I can't believe our baby girl is two today! It only seems like yesterday that she was a precious little bundle still safe inside my womb. Over the last couple of weeks Eme has grown so much - she is most definitely a fully fledged little girl. Her speech is coming along fantastically and she can now jump - very cute. Some of the things she tells us just blows me away!
She woke up this morning and told me "I want presents" - that's my girl! (lol) We've been revving her up for days telling her how many sleeps until her birthday and that there'll be pressies and cake. The little red outfit and shoes she is wearing in this photo were part of her present this morning. I can't believe I have to buy her a size 3 already - Seth was in a size 1 at this stage - I realise Eme is a little rounder around the middle, but I'm convinced little girl's clothing (particularly t-shirts) are made slim fit.
We will be having a little party on Saturday with her friends at Small Frys, and I will be decorating a cake on Friday night - I think it will be a mermaid with fairy floss hair (watch this space) - can't wait!
Happy Birthday Emeline. We love you.


Anonymous said...

Lisa and Andrew
You have such a beautiful family.
And Eme looks so cute!!!!!
Love Beth and Edi

KimA said...

Happy birthday sweet Emme! Can't wait to celebrate with you on Saturday - Love Benson :o)

Kathy Hall said...

I know exactly how you feel Lisa, they just grow up too quickly!
I hope you all had a great day.
I would also have to agree with you about the girls sizing, I think thy are slim fitted too!

Cass said...

Hope Eme had a great day. Such a fantastic day for a birthday! ;)

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to spend time with our "fairy princess". Eme is just too cute and the past two years have just flown by. Eme is growing into such a loving and giving little girl. It is not hard to love her in return.
... Love Mum and Dad

Nicole Aspinall said...

oh Happy Birthday! She looks gorgeous! Girls clothes are DEFINATELY cut that way - Ts are all fitted and pants are all hipsters too!!!!

eMeLiNe Seet said...

thank you for dropping by ! :) EMeline is SOSOSO adorable and beautiful (your Emeline ! LOL! )
U've got a GReat site !

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