Friday, September 7, 2007

girlie layouts

See, I do have it in me. The photos on the first layout were from Easter this year and Eme discovering her eggs - she's so cute! I hate doing seasonal layouts (ie, birthdays, Christmas, Easter...), so I normally put the photos aside - then I start to panic that the next one is coming and I need to catch up. I still haven't scrapped Seth's birthday from this year or last year, Eme's 1st birthday, Christmas for the last two years or Seth's christening - eek! I will try to at least do the Christmas layouts before Santa rears his head again in a few months.
Thought I'd have a go at using felt on the "me" layout - I've used Queen & Co felt ribbon as well as hand cutting felt flowers. I'm also experimenting with white space - I have a tendency to fill up the whole page, so this one was a bit of a challenge for me - still lots of elements, but grouped together.
The kids went swimming again last night - Seth was so excited he was nearly jumping out of his skin! He wanted to do a bomb into the pool when he first got there, so his teacher obliged - too funny. Eme loved it too - no more tears. The go swimming with their friends Jack and Blake, and I'm sure having the boys there makes it that much more enjoyable. Seth and Jack will be starting school together next year - it's good to have a mate. I'll take the camera with me next week to capture it - I've been waiting to see how they were going - didn't want photos of screaming kids!


Sar said...

Hey Lisa!

It was so good to meet you the other night, your page of you is unreal, I'm so glad I got to look at it in real life.

Just wondering if you wanted to chat on email sometime, I always feel like I leave you really long messages!

I can leave you my email address if you like, or vice versa?


Anonymous said...

These two new pages are just lovely darling. Eme has a way with the camera I think. Your page is absolutely beautiful and so are you.
... Love Mum.

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