Thursday, August 9, 2007

Things that make me happy...

Inspired by the gorgeous Kim, I have decided to focus on the positive. Though random, these are the things that make me happy and I am grateful for today:
  1. Sethy trying really hard to stay in his own bed - its three nights in a row now - encouragement and rewards are working well (read - bribery);
  2. Emeline being such a girlie girl, walking around the house with her baby and my beads around her neck (too cute);
  3. Andrew making my lunch - he does it everyday and I am so grateful because it allows me more time to get ready in the morning;
  4. Peace and quiet at work and being about to get on with my job - I achieved heaps today - I can almost see the bottom of my in tray (woohoo);
  5. Having a sneak peek at my friend Rach's wedding dress options - so absolutely thrilled for you and Jamie - can't wait 'til the big day;
  6. Granny looking after my gorgeous children - they love spending time with her and always come running to me when we go to pick them up;
  7. Finding more of my layouts displayed at scrap the girls
  8. McDonalds happy meals on a Thursday night - our one night of the week when we don't have much time to cook;
  9. Watching Eme give her baby a bath - so very caring - we now have a wet doll in the sink that needs a good spin dry;
  10. Sharing my evening with four great women at my class at Scrapbooking Delights - I love your take on my class example;
  11. Having a chat with the guy at the servo - tonight it was about socks and undies for Father's Day (mental note - buy some for Andrew);
  12. Indulging in an icecream while surfing the net.

So much to be grateful for and to be happy about. It really does pay to be positive! Have a great night everyone...Lisa :-)

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