Tuesday, August 21, 2007

retreat layouts

Just back from the Scrapbook HQ retreat at Stanwell Tops. Boy did I have a fantastic time. Scrapped up a storm with my fantastic friends Kim and Cass, and spent some long overdue time with my Aunty Ros and her sister Bev. I love that we have scrapping in common. Everyone was so friendly and Jen, Kate and all the staff from HQ hosted an excellent weekend away. I will definitely be going again and dragging a few more friends along!

I managed to complete 13 layouts plus 2 double pages of my Scrap-Pile mini-challenge album. All in all, a very productive weekend. These are some of the layouts I created, however I won't bore you with all of them today. I just noticed I'm going through a black cardstock phase - better stock up! Not all have a black background, however I seem to keep going back to black as a staple.

Yesterday, I had a day off work to rest - a must after sitting on one's bottom for 2.5 days! Cleaned the house, then scrapped some more in the afternoon - completed 3 layouts for my September classes at Scrapbooking Delights - watch this space - very cool and funky.

Missed Andrew and the kids terribly over the weekend and was very happy to be home with them. At the moment, Seth loves being held up to the ceiling while Andrew sings "spiderSeth, spiderSeth, does whatever a spiderSeth does...". Thank you Simpsons - very cute and entertaining.

Take care everyone, L.

btw-this was my 50th blog-post!


KimA said...

good to see you are working hard Lisa ;o)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for you next class...I'll book in first thing in the morning...great work on the retreat.

Kate Ramsey said...

Hi Lisa,
I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself on the weekend and I'm glad to hear you'll be back!
Great to see your layouts up...can't wait to see the others again...really love your work (I think I might have told you that already!!).
Gotta go, I'm at the shop and Ros & Bev have just walked in for a class!!

Jo Copland said...

Oh man, wish I could scrap as fast as you Lisa!
Sounds like you had a great weekend- love to join in the fun some time- let me know next time!
Your layouts are lovely.

Cass said...

Love your layouts Lisa, but then you already know that!

Anonymous said...

unreal layouts lisa. they are great. sounds like you had a great time.

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