Wednesday, August 22, 2007

pay it forward...

What a great concept. "Pay It Forward" is doing the blog rounds at the moment, and woohoo for me ... I left a message on Kim's blog and I won! So now its my turn to pay it forward. Leave a comment on my blog by the end of next week and I will pick 3 people to receive a handmade gift from me that will arrive within the next 365 days. (I'll try not to take that long (lol)). The only catch is that if you win you, need to pay it forward on your blog and do the same.

Here's a few more layouts I created at the retreat over the weekend...and not a black piece of cardstock in sight! On all three layouts I've used American Crafts "Thickers" lettering ... I have a slight obsession - 19 packets and counting!

Forgot to mention too...received my Sissey kit for August and boy is it fantastic! There is not one thing in there that I wouldn't have picked out for myself. I will post some layouts using my kit contents soon. L.


Sar said...

Hey Lisa, thanks for visiting my blog! Love these new layouts, especially the Cheeky Kids one. The lettering on that one is unreal, what is it?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa
Love the layouts you did at the retreat....many of our customers are anxously waiting for you to pass on some of your wisdom at the next class..C U then

Sar said...

Thanks for adding that bit about the letters, they're great. Do you buy them from the US or do you get them here?

Not that I need letters cause I have a cricut, but they are really cool... ;)


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