Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Thanks to all for your support in my time of sleep deprivation ... Seth has now slept in his bed for the last 5 nights and has got the art of negotiation down to a tee. Seth's Granny took pity on us and is using bribery - she has promised him the new Lightning McQueen toy if he sleeps in his bed the whole week. So far so good, however this morning he was calling out for his Daddy, and as Andrew can hardly walk (more on that shortly), he asked him to come into our bed. As he didn't sleep in his bed all night, I said he couldn't have a stamp on the chart, to which Seth argued that Daddy asked him to come in, so that didn't count - is he a lawyer in the making or what!!

As for Andrew, he successfully completed the Sutherland to Surf run on Sunday (11km) and is now in major pain. His gait is terrible and he looks like he should be in a nursing home, but hey, I'm proud of him for entering, let alone finishing! He finished in 72mins, so has something to aim for next year. Beth and Nathan also ran. Half inspires me to get off my butt and have a go (I said only half!).

Apart from that, everyone in my family has been sick this week with a tummy bug and its not very pleasant, but this will pass soon enough, so no point dwelling.

I had lunch today with Kim, Janine and Cass - so good to catch up with my girlfriends - it feels like an absolute age! This week I'm also off to Nowra for work for a couple of days - should be good to get out of the office, and Keti is an excellent driving companion - hopefully my throat won't be too hoarse from all the gasbagging on the way down.

Keep safe and happy everyone and catch up soon. L.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I am so excited about doing the Sutherland to Surf next year. I am going to give Andrew a run for his money

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