Monday, May 7, 2007

The Catch Up

Hi All, long time - no post! The usb cable for my camera broke and I've been wanting to post some photos. I've since purchased a card reader and it has solved all of my woes and I'm wondering why I didn't buy one earlier.

Anyway ... here are some photos of my cousin's wife Krystle at her baby shower. She's due mid June, but not sure if she'll make it that far - have a feeling it's going to be a very big baby!
This weekend was our 6th wedding anniversary - Andrew made me a very cute card using the kids crayons. No pressies this year, instead we're going to see Pink next weekend and stay in a nice hotel in Sydney - very much looking forward to it.

I also took the kids to Kim's son Benson's 2nd birthday party and they had a fantastic time. All the way home Seth was saying "it was a lovely party" (v.sweet). They also got to take home some balloons, and Seth kept reminding me that "the balloon is still up, that means its Benson's birthday". Kim made a fantastic dinosaur cake that not only looked unreal, but tasted delicious! Janine took these photos of the kids - very cute indeed (not a bad one of me either!). However, I don't bake, I decorate. I will be purchasing a cake for Seth's birthday in a couple of weeks and decorating it myself, penguin style as per Seth's order.
Yesterday Mum and Dad came for a visit and Dad installed the doors to my new loungeroom - I am so grateful that he is talented and willing to spend his day off working at my house! We've already emptied the former study so that Andrew can paint it and turn it into the kids new playroom. Can't wait to go through all of their stuff! Hopefully it will be operational by Seth's birthday party (19th of this month) - optimistic I know!

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Anonymous said...

From Mum & Dad....
Love the photos of the kids and you, they are just lovely. Shocked that you have already emptied the old study to start painting. Dad was very proud to be able to help you out in your house. See you on the weekend.
..Love Mum and Dad

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