Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

It's been an absolute age since my last post - I've been incredibly tired lately and falling asleep before 9pm every night. Last night I actually fell asleep just after 8pm. I think its a result of being 100% on the program again. I remember being tired like this the last time too, and it eventually gets better. If I don't feel any better by next week, I'll start taking some multi-vitamins. I'm doing really well and haven't had a diet coke since Tuesday. Didn't experience the withdrawal headaches this time thank goodness.

We had a great Easter. The Easter Bunny delivered the goods once again - even though the kids were threatened with calling the EB to cancel our order if they didn't behave. Seth helped put out the baskets the night before and jumped out of bed the next morning to find them full of chocolate eggs, bunnies, a pencil case each and the Heffalump movie to share. The kids were barely up 10 mins before they opened the first egg - is there anything better than chocolate at 6.30 in the morning!
We then drove to my mum and dad's where EB had visited again, then to Andrew's nan and pop's - again EB had delivered - I think we were being followed!! All the family were there and the kids loved playing with the cousins Sabine and George. We'll probably only get to see them one more time before they move to America (very sad - we'll miss them). Here they are holding the bunnies EB dropped off. Eme bit into the side of hers straight away - that's my girl!

I went to Aldi this morning to do the groceries and bought 24 rolls of toilet paper for $6.00 - what a bargain. You may well ask why so many?? Well I have a morbid fear of running out! Eme on the other hand thinks they make great seats. Note the new hairdo - Eme had her first haircut on Friday and she loved it - must be a girl thing! Very fetching bob style. Seth had his cut just like daddy and was excellent - the first haircut he's had without crying - so happy!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with the program, Lisa. The progress you have made so far is wonderful so I hope you get past the tired slump quickly. You didn't tell us whether you avoided the temptation of the eggs at Easter! Lynne.

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