Thursday, March 8, 2007

Safe and well

Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes for my surgery yesterday (7/3/07). Mum and Dad sent these flowers today and I'm sure I gave the delivery person a fright with how I looked!
Everything went extremely well and I came home from hospital the same day - I cannot believe they can take an organ and consider you well enough to go home - must say though, it was very nice sleeping in my own bed last night.
Now for the details ... Andrew, Seth and Emeline dropped me off at the hospital at 8.15am and I was well prepared for a long wait, but I was called in to change into my very fetching hospital gown, surgical socks and undies very soon after. It wasn't until the nurse was about to give me a needle to prevent DVT that I realised I was about to have an operation! What had I gotten myself into!!?
Met some lovely people who too were having operations and Scotty my nurse was a really lovely lady and very helpful. I was wheeled around to pre-op around 9.15 and met my anaesthetist, who I warned I had watched Bodies on the ABC and knew what they were up to and to be careful!! He just laughed and said it was a really good show and not to worry - why do I watch these shows that fill my head with silly ideas. I think we went into the theatre around 9.30am. The lady that was in pre-op with me was having a hysterectomy and she was complaining that the registrar would probably be doing her operation - I just said to her that Bozo the Clown could be performing mine and I wouldn't have a clue - just as long as it was done properly I didn't care! That gave her a smile and she thanked me - I think the drugs were already kicking in. The anaesthetist said he was going to give me something to relax me, then I woke up - it was that fast! I think the clock said 11.15am. I could feel my belly and asked the recovery nurse if they'd already operated on me, and she assured me they had, then I felt lower - NO UNDIES!! What happened to them? What else did they do to me?? I will never know. She gave me a heap of pain killers which made my face incredibly itchy and then I got in trouble for taking off my oxygen mask to scratch! Couldn't win there!
They wheeled me back to the day ward and I promptly vomited and went to sleep. Andrew turned up about 2.30pm, then I went back to sleep and was released around 4.30pm. Unbelievable. The car trip home made me very sick, but I waited until I got home to vomit. Andrew told me I was very brave to hold on (or very stupid). I was more proud of Andrew for not having a sympathy vomit! Had plenty of panadeine forte last night and pretty much slept through the night.
Andrew spent the night in the spare bed so that I could roll around freely (so sweet) and the kids spent the night at Granny and PaPa's house with Katy and Steve looking after them (thank you soooo much). I spoke to Seth this morning and he asked me if I was better, I said I will be, to which he was satisfied and said "okay, bye" and hung up on me!! Typical male on the phone already.
Today wasn't too bad - my belly button wound has been bleeding and I've had a little bit of pain, but thanks to pain killers I've not felt much of it and have had plenty of sleep. All I really want now though is a grilled piece of chicken, mashed potato and fresh beans - it takes a lot for me to lose my appetite (once I even had McDonald's on the way home from having my wisdom teeth out!). Katy went and picked up a package from scrap-pile for me from the post office, so was able to play with my new scrapbooking stuff. Other than that, it has been an incredibly quiet day and now I'm just waiting for Andrew to come home from taking the kids to Nanny and Poppy's house, where they will be staying for the next couple of nights. I miss them terribly, but I'm just not well enough to have them at home.
Will most likely be incredibly bored by the time I go back to work, but I will take advantage and get plenty of rest. I have fixed the comments section, so you no longer need to register, so feel free to leave me a message. Take care everyone. Lisa :-)


Anonymous said...

From Mum,

I have to say Lisa that I am getting quite a kick out of reading your little comments each day. I have had a great time looking after Seth and Eme and your father has a swell. The first night Eme slept through until 6.30 am in the morning and we actually had to wake Seth at 8.15 am. Last night Eme woke up around 2.30 am and I ended bringing her in to bed with us and there is where she still is taking up all of the room. Seth is still asleep, gave me a chance to have a shower etc. before they wake up. We will be home to your place around 9.30 am so will catch up with my brave girl then. Love Mum

Cass said...

Glad that all went well and you are on the mend. Hope you liked the scrapping goodies! *hugs*

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