Monday, March 19, 2007

Mr Nicredible

Well that's what Sethy calls himself. Yesterday he decided to dress himself and he chose this fetching ensemble. He then decided he wanted to wear it in public and could not be swayed. Uh oh - we have become the parents who take their children out dressed as super heroes. Andrew and I used to pick on those people when we saw them at the shops - so I guess what goes around comes around.
So we went to see some display homes and he was in disguise the whole time - even keeping his mask on while we were driving around - don't know who he was keeping his secret identity from?!
Seth tells me he's not a super hero, he's just Seth. We think he's pretty incredible anyway.


Cass said...

Very cute little man!

Anonymous said...

My little man will always be a super hero to me.
.. Love Mum

Anonymous said...

He is just the funniest kid ever, and of course my favourite nephew. His personality is so full of fun! My little Sethy Boy.

I would be proud to walk down the street with my kids like that - shows he is an individual. And has great fashion sense

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