Friday, March 9, 2007

Getting better all the time ...

Day two into my recovery and I'm feeling much better. Still in mild discomfort but I am able to get around a bit better.
The lovely Janine and Kim sent these beautiful flowers late yesterday afternoon and they are so beautiful. My house is starting to resemble a florist with my birthday flowers and get well flowers - I feel very spoilt.
Haven't been doing too much as I can't sit up for long periods of time, but I did manage to finish off a scrapbook page that I started last week, which made me feel very good.
Andrew came home at lunchtime to make me something, then went back to work - he makes me feel very special. The kids are at Nanny & Poppy's again tonight - apparently they had a great time last night and Seth was very happy to be woken up by their dog Jock this morning - very different when it's a wet nose and not Mummy or Daddy nudging you awake. Mum will bring them home tomorrow and I can't wait.
Looking forward to a very quiet night of nothing, and so far today I haven't need to have any painkillers, so hopefully that will continue.
Have a great weekend everyone. Lisa :-)

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