Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seth at 3 1/2

I can't believe Seth will be 4 in May. Time has just flown by. My baby is well and truely now a little boy. He is so independent and is going through a stage of wanting to do absolutely everything by himself. I suppose this is a good thing, but when you're rushing around mad trying to get out of the house, it can be a little frustrating. This morning he wouldn't walk in the door at daycare because we picked up the wrong hat - we didn't want Bob the Builder, we wanted a Bunnings hat - well sometimes we just don't have a choice.

Seth is so super intelligent, it scares me. Some of the things he says just makes me think he's been here before, or that he should be a teenager. He's super funny and loves to tell jokes (or should that be joke - he only has one in his repertoire so far "What do cows do when it rains? They go and watch a moooovie"). His imagination is starting to become well developed as well and we often see him playing with his toys and making up conversations with the characters. He loves to stay up late and sleep in in the morning and stay in his pyjamas until noon (maybe he is a teenager in a little person's body?).

We have been wondering whether or not to send him to school next year and everyone has an opinion about it. Most think we should hold him back another year so that he'll be 5 1/2 when he starts, but I honestly think he'll be bored by March/April next year. One reason I'm given is that he won't be 18 when he does his HSC and won't be able to go to schoolies - well Andrew and I were both 17 when we finished school and it didn't effect us one bit. Seriously though, if the only reason I should hold him back is so that he can go drinking in his last year of school, well then I think it's a good argument to send him - who wants a child going clubbing and drinking with his mates if he should be home concentrating on his studies. I know its a long way off, but its been on my mind lately.

For now, I will just embrace the little boy I have and enjoy everything about him - before too long he'll be grown and won't want to cuddle his mamma anymore. We love our Sethy boy.

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